This is my personal website.

My name is Guðjón Sigurbjartsson.

I was born the 23rd of August 1955, in Thikkvibaer (i: Þykkvibær), a small country village at the at the south cost of Iceland.

My father was Sigurbjartur Gudjonsson and my mother was Halldora Magnusdottir. Sigurbjartur was a farmer and also the organist at the local church for many years and the community leader (i: Oddviti) for some decades.  Halldora was the housewife at our farm Havardarkot (i:Hávarðarkot).  She came from Vestmann islands (I: Vestmannaeyjar), bautiful fishermans village on an island at the south coast of Iceland.


1978 – 1982    Economist from the University of Iceland.  Degree:  Cand. Oecon.
Special field: Business administration – Financing and accounting.

1977-1978      Psychologi at the University of Iceland, my first year at University.


2015 – 2017

We sold Tanni our company for over 20 years, in 2014. Tanni’s main business was selling workware and promotional products.  Since then I have mainly been „following my dreams“ that is attending to matters that some how interests me, some because they might become my new start-up project.  I am interested in politics and a good development of the country witch explains why I have mainly engaged in two subjects:

  • Consumer policy.  I believe we need a better Agricultural policy for Iceland.  Coming from the country side and being and economist I can see that we are protecting our agriculture to much, resulting in the highest food price on earth, at least almost and costing a lot of taxpayers money.  This makes live less good for specially the poorer.  In 2016 I did some research regarding of the economy of our Agricultural policy and put forward ideas for a new policy.
  • Location of a New National Hospital.  I belong to a activist group of people that have been pushing for a new and more professional selection process to find the best location for the new National hospital.  Our websites are: http://betrispitali.is/, https://www.facebook.com/betrilandspitaliabetristad/

2000 – 2015    Owner and Director, Tanni Promotional Products

Tanni traded with promotional products such as work-wear and we did print and embroider customer logos if needed.  Employee wear about 12 and a turnover about 150 million ISK plus VAT.  Me and my wife were the main owners.  We sold the operation in 2014.

1997 – 2000    Director of Finance and Marketing at VISTA engineering

The primary product and services that Vista data vision provides is a computerized surveillance and measurement software, http://www.vistadatavision.com/

1988 – 1997    Director of Finance, Reykjavik Energy – https://www.or.is/

Reykjavik Energy is a public utility company providing electricity, geothermal water for heating, and cold water for consumption and firefighting at the Reykjavik area.

Reykjavik electricity company was one of the utility companies that merged and formed Reykjavik Energy.  I was the Financial director of that company for 9 years.

1982 – 1988    Director of Finance and Operations at Reykjavik City Welfare department – http://reykjavik.is/en/welfare

The Department of Welfare is responsible for the City of Reykjavík’s welfare service, including child welfare.

Side jobs along the way

Chairman of a committee of Samorka, established to co-ordinate financial information gathered by Icelandic utilities.

Lecturer on economics and financial accounting, at Menntaskólinn í Reykjavík – College of Reykjavik – 1991-1992.

Lecturer on reading and interpretation of financial statements and the use of financial accounting for management purposes, The Reykjavik Computer School

Member of a committee on revealing the “hidden power” of small and middle size companies, The Icelandic Federation of Trade


Play a guitar and piano.
Fitness, reading of good books, family live.
Rotary Club Reykjavik-Arbaer (I: Árbær) member since 1999